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As an industry leader, Walker Products has evolved into a premier supplier of fuel delivery components, emission control products, engine sensors, ignition wire sets, ignition coils and coil-on-plug boots.

Walker Products, an ISO 9001/ IATF16949 certified company, specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of Fuel System Components and Automotive Engine Management products. Walker is committed to meeting and exceeding OEM standards and specifications. This effort is backed by Walker’s own manufacturing, product management and engineering expertise.

At Walker Products we continuously strive to meet the needs of the automotive community by designing and manufacturing new products based on customer feedback and industry requirements.

The function of the Carburetor is to provide the proper combination of air and fuel to create a highly combustible mixture. It regulates this mixture according to engine speed and load changes.

The oxygen sensor is a device which determines the oxygen content of the exhaust gas. Since the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gas is a very good indicator of combustion efficiency, it is also the best place to monitor the air fuel ratio.

The function of the automotive ignition system is to send a high volt electrical pulse to each spark plug, igniting the fuel-air mixture in the engine’s combustion chambers.

Walker Products is an OEM and Aftermarket Industrial and Agricultural supplier of quality gasket materials and screws for various commercial industries including commercial lawn, commercial agricultural and heavy industrial equipment.

Othermotive® is Walker Product’s registered trade mark for our line of sensors specifically designed for non-automotive applications such as snowmobiles, boats, small engine, motorcycles & scooters, UTVs, personal watercraft, commercial lawn, and farm & industrial equipment components.

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