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As an industry leading supplier of fuel delivery components, emission control products, engine sensors and ignition components, Walker Products is uniquely positioned to provide both OEM and Aftermarket channels with the very best products available. We make over 20,000 individual products that help engines run better, perform to their optimized expectations and keep our air cleaner. We also help both dealer and independent automotive technicians diagnose, remove and replace worn products in our category, and reinstall with confidence and ease.

For nearly 75 years, Walker Products has been a manufacturer and supplier of engine components. We are privately owned and operated, and a family of highly skilled production professionals, R&D engineers, sales and business administration folks that love cars, trucks and everything the runs with an engine.

While our products are sensors, fuel and ignition based, our business is all about our customers. We work closely with our customers to ensure their parts are the very best they can be, and are where and when they need them. To add to this, we connect and engage with our customers. We learn what their expectations are, and how we can support their needs. What’s more, you can call us, we’ll answer the phone. We’ll respond to emails and text messages too!

Walker Products are known throughout the automotive industry for our close attention to Fit, Form and Function. Before our products are packaged and shipped, every part we make is quality inspected and tested. There is no room for compromise or complaints.

Our business platform is simple; Do it Right!
When a new model car, light or heavy-duty truck, comes out, our mission is to already have a part to fit. And not just a part, but an exact OEM fit. The real truth about Walker Products is in our performance. You have to experience what we have to offer and our unique way of doing business.

Get to know us.

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