ClutchTools offers the highest quality, exact fit, clutch alignment tools that are made to last a lifetime of use. Kingsborne has been selling clutch alignment tools since 1971 and has one of the largest inventories on the internet.

Our clutch alignment tools are meticulously designed to ensure precise alignment of the clutch components in a vehicle. These tools are specifically engineered to replicate the shape and splines of the vehicle’s transmission input shaft, guaranteeing an exact fit during the alignment process.

To uphold the highest standards of quality, our clutch alignment tools are manufactured using high-quality polypropylene injected plastics. This material is known for its durability and resilience, allowing the tool to withstand the demands of repeated use without compromising its performance or structural integrity.

By utilizing clutch alignment tools, you can achieve perfect alignment of the clutch, which is essential for optimal clutch functionality and smooth operation. The tool’s precise replication of the shaft and splines ensures that the clutch components are properly aligned, leading to improved performance, reduced wear and tear, and enhanced longevity.

The durability allows it to be used repeatedly without degradation or loss of accuracy. This makes it a reliable and cost-effective investment for any repair shop, clutch specialist, transmission repair shop, automotive distributor, or DIY’er. The tool’s ability to be used over and over again ensures its value and usefulness in a variety of professional automotive settings.

Whether you are a professional mechanic or an automotive enthusiast, having a Kingsborne clutch alignment tool is considered a must. It provides the necessary precision and convenience to achieve perfect clutch alignment, leading to more efficient repairs, smoother operation, and overall customer satisfaction.

At Walker Products, we have always strived to deliver premium automotive parts that exceed expectations. Our dedication to crafting products using the best materials, adhering to strict quality standards, and providing exceptional customer service has been our driving force for over seven decades. With the addition of ClutchTools alignment tool range, we are excited to further elevate the quality and diversity of our offerings.

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