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Walker Products Welcomes Brad Kindness to Sales Team

Grand Junction, CO. 2/7/2011 — Walker Products of Garden Grove, Calif., is proud to announce the addition of Brad Kindness to its sales team as Special Markets Sales Manager. Mr. Kindness brings over twenty-five years of automotive expertise.

Brad, who specializes in fuel systems, says he plans to focus on the customer service aspect of sales. “Taking care of the customer is my number one priority. I am a people person,” he said. “My customers don’t need to go through any other departments with issues. I will personally handle things.” Brad is also excited by the geographic range that he will now be covering. “I will be doing business in Special Markets all over the world and I’m excited to be on board.”

Brad Kindness can be reached at his office number, 714-554-5151, or via email at Feel free to ask him about any member of Walker’s dynamic product family.

Company Profile

Walker Products, Inc. has served the needs of the worldwide automotive aftermarket since 1946. Walker is one of the largest privately owned manufacturers of Fuel System Components and Engine Management Devices. The company offers its merchandise to parts distributers worldwide.

Walker’s portfolio features a wide arrangement of products. The company sells carburetor components and tune-up kits for almost every carburetor made. Walker also offers fuel system components such as fuel injection repair kits, fuel injectors, and fuel pressure regulators. Engine management devices, including throttle position sensors, air charge temperature sensors, engine coolant temperature sensors, manifold absolute pressure sensors, spark plug wires, and glow plugs are offered. In addition to these, Walker is best known for its line of superior quality oxygen sensors, which feature significant model coverage and the best ROI of any brand in the aftermarket. Walker also has facilities that specialize in gasket fabrication and the production of custom, machined components from aluminum, brass, and steel.

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Contact: Morgan Hayes
Company Name: Walker Products
Telephone: 970-245-5949
Fax: 970-245-4056

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