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Walker Products – Goes Solar at Missouri Plants

Pacific, MO  2/13/12 — Walker Products Inc. of Garden Grove, Calif., announces it has completed the installation of Solar Energy Panels at its three manufacturing and distribution plants in Pacific, MO.  Walker expects that the solar panels will provide a minimum of 60% of the three plants’ energy needs.  Walker is proud that this installation is the very first solar project to utilize a 335 watt “Lifeline Solar” monocrystalline solar panel in the state of Missouri.
This environmentally friendly theme is consistent with Walker’s product line strategy.  Walker is known around the globe as a leader in the category of Oxygen Sensors which determine the oxygen content of exhaust gas and monitor air/fuel mixture to maximize fuel economy and minimize emissions.
Company Profile
Walker Products Inc. has served the needs of the worldwide automotive aftermarket since 1946. Walker is one of the largest privately owned manufacturers of Fuel System Components and Engine Management Devices. The company offers its products to parts distributers worldwide.

Walker’s portfolio features a wide arrangement of quality automotive products. Walker manufactures fuel system components such as carburetion and fuel injection repair kits, fuel injectors, fuel injection components and fuel pressure regulators. Walker also offers engine management devices, such as; oxygen sensors, throttle position sensors, air charge temperature sensors, engine coolant temperature sensors, manifold absolute pressure sensors, spark plug wires, and glow plugs. Walker also has facilities that specialize in gasket fabrication and the production of custom, machined components. For any additional information, please log on to the company’s website at

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