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Walker Products a Winner at AAPEX 2010

Grand Junction, CO. January 21, 2011. — Walker Products of Garden Grove, Calif., won multiple awards at the 2010 AAPEX show in Las Vegas. The company was awarded by the AIA in two categories: Best New Catalog of a Product Line for Import Cars or Trucks and Best New Packaging of a Product for Import Cars or Trucks. Walker was also awarded for its packaging in 2006 at AAPEX, which is perhaps the most remarkable domestic annual gathering in the industry.

“Walker Products, Inc. is extremely honored to be recognized with these prestigious awards,” said Ron Aparicio, Director of Sales for Walker. “On a daily basis we challenge our team to present the strongest O2 program in the aftermarket, and we are very proud that their hard work was recognized by the AIA at AAPEX 2010.”

Walker is planning on releasing an expanded Othermotive catalog and a brand new ThunderCore wire set catalog in the coming year. These will be in addition to its regular literature updates.

Company Profile

Walker Products, Inc. has served the needs of the worldwide automotive aftermarket since 1946. Walker is one of the largest privately owned manufacturers of Fuel System Components and Engine Management Devices in operation today. Products include carburetor and fuel injection repair kits, oxygen sensors, and many other engine products such as throttle position sensors, air charge temperature sensors, engine coolant temperature sensors, manifold absolute pressure sensors, fuel injectors, fuel pressure regulators, spark plug wires, and gaskets. Walker services include manufacturing and distribution to both domestic and international locations.

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To schedule an interview with Ron Aparicio, or any company representative, please contact Ed Mueck, Marketing Assistant, at 970-245-5949.


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Company Name: Walker Products
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