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Robust Lambda Sensor Program

Walker Products Offers Most Robust Lambda Sensor Program

Walker Products offers the most robust lambda sensor program on the market today. Utilizing 100% OEM base sensors, connectors, & wire lengths, Walker guarantees you will find their product to be a direct fit to your application every time. Walker has invested decades researching lambda technologies, and thanks to our dedicated engineering team, we are able to offer you the most intelligently consolidated line that will provide you the largest return on investment. Whether you have a universal 1-wire sensor or a hi-tech 5-wire air/fuel ratio sensor, Walker Products has you covered as the brand you trust.

Walker Products UK Operations
7 Castle Road
Kings Norton Business Centre
Birmingham B30 3HZ West Midlands, UK
+44 (0) 121 459 8006
— Advertised in April Aftermarket magazine

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