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For Immediate Release:

Walker Products Announces Major Release of ETS (exhaust temperature sensors) for Both US and EU Diesel Marketplace.

Walker’s coverage of ETS for US diesel applications includes 53 part numbers covering diesel vehicles from 2006 – (this year) for Chevrolet, GMC, Jeep, Mercedes Benz, Audi and Volkswagen applications.

European coverage includes 233 part numbers covering diesel vehicles from 2004 –  (this year) for Alfa Romeo, Audi, Fiat, Lancia, Mercedes, Opel, Saab, Seat, Skoda Volkswagen and Volvo.

Why Walker Products for your ETS Supplier

First, we have the coverage like no one else outside of the OE distribution channel.

Second, all of our base sensors are OE sensors, so you are purchasing OE quality at aftermarket prices.

How Does the ETS Function?

An ETS/HTS typically measures temperatures up to 900 degrees C in the exhaust system of the vehicle. The sensing element of an ETS/HTS changes in resistance with changes in temperature. The engine computer measures the resistance and calculates the temperature.


Depending on the location of the ETS/HTS, the engine computer uses the temperature information to control a wide variety of processes in the vehicle. These processes include particulate filter regeneration, selective catalytic reduction (SCR), exhaust gas recirculation, turbo boost, and overall engine combustion.


The Walker ETS/HTS utilizes an OE construction consisting of high temperature metals and ceramics. This allows the Walker sensors to deliver stable and accurate output despite the heat, vibration and contamination found in the exhaust system.


Most ETS/HTS are used to monitor the particulate filter. In these cases, failure to replace a defective ETS/HTS will result in an obstructed filter and possible engine damage. Always replace a defective sensor with a quality Walker ETS/HTS.


Walker Products began supplying the fuel system needs of the automotive industry in 1946. Today Walker is one of the largest privately owned manufacturers of fuel system components and engine management devices. We serve major Original Equipment Manufacturers, Co-manufacturers, Rebuilders, and Retail customers in the fuel, engine management and exhaust markets worldwide.

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